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LO RUSSO RETRACTORS are patented medical devices, for professional use in Dentistry. The retractor system was developed to support the intraoral scanning of alveolar-dental arches, in particular, totally or partially edentulous arches. It allows to spread and stabilize the tissues (lips, tongue and cheeks), to facilitate the movement of the scanner tip and to help maintaining an adequate distance from the ridge.

Why should I use them?

Soft tissue management is an essential factor for intraoral scanning of the edentulous arches. Such management involves a series of actions that make effective scanning possible.

What is the LO RUSSO RETRACTORS retractor system used for?

It creates conditions for optimal and fast scanning


Keep away surrounding tissues from the arches


Hold in place the mobile tissues

Expose the scan field

Provide easy scanner access to the field to be scanned

Support for the scanner tip

The scanner tip can be placed on the device; in this way it is stabilized

Guide for movement

The shape of the device complements the scan path and can help in making proper movement with the scanner

Maintaining distance from the ridge

The support function together with the guide function facilitates maintaining an adequate distance from the ridge

LO RUSSO RETRACTORS integrate multiple actions on tissues and auxiliary functions for the scanning equipment and the operator. For these reasons, the use of LO RUSSO RETRACTORS improves the intraoral scanning experience and allows to obtain predictable results both in the case of edentulous ridges, and when the presence of involuntary movements, or the lack of cooperation of the patient, prevent effective use of the intraoral scanner.

Instrument for the mandibular arch
(patient left side)

Instrument for the mandibular arch
(patient right side)

Instrument for the maxillary arch

Which scans can I use LO RUSSO RETRACTORS for?

The retractor system LO RUSSO RETRACTORS is useful in all cases in which the presence of mobile tissues, involuntary movements, or lack of patient cooperation prevent effective use of the intraoral scanner.

Here you are some examples of use in various areas of application on edentulous arches, in the presence of natural teeth or implants:

Complete edentulous

Partial edentulous

Fixed on implants

Fixed prosthesis



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