MetiSmile 3D Face Scanner


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MetiSmile is a facial 3D scanner for dental applications. It can quickly capture data for 3D modeling and assist clinical diagnosis with its advanced software algorithm. It is an integral component of digital dentistry, mainly used in clinical treatment, aesthetic restoration, occlusal reconstruction, etc.

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New Dental Face 3D Scanner

In just 10 seconds this highly perceptive scanner can take photos of patients from multiple angles to simultaneously construct a 3D facial data. Thanks to its three data acquistition cameras and one 5.0 MP HD texture camera produce scan accuracy within 50μm.

MetiSmile also captures elevated details of the teeth and the software will align the facial and intraoral scans which displays the patients’ facial and oral information in a comprehensive way.

Step 1

Use Intraoral scanner to capture the intraoral data.

Step 2

Use MetiSmile to capture the facial data.

Step 3

Import the intraoral data to MetiSmile software for auto alignment.

Fast Scan Speed

In just 10 seconds this highly perceptive scanner can take photos of patients from multiple angles to simultaneously construct a 3D facial data.

High-fidelity Texture

The exceptional texture camera of the MetiSmile can accurately record and display facial color that appears realistic to the patient. MetiSmile also captures elevated details of the teeth.

Auto Alignment Between Facial Scan Data and Intraoral Scan Data

Data Alignment – Digital Smile Design

Use intraoral scanner to capture the intraoral data

Use MetiSmile to capture the facial data

Ortho Simulation

Some of the features of the ortho simulation module include automatic lip extraction and one-click tooth segmentation, etc. The intelligent before and after orthodontic treatment display is enhanced by the integration of the facial scan information.

Facial Features Measurement and Comparison

The intuitive software is capable of recognizing 3D facial features. It can measure the distance of facial data, and compare facial changes before and after treatment. These software tools help dentists diagnose and evaluate treatment more effectively.

Mandibular Trajectory Tracking

Using mandibular trajectory tracking, the dentist can acquire dynamic occlusion data. This module includes left and right lateral detection, centric, and open occlusion. It delivers detailed occlusion information for accurate diagnosis, design, and treatment.

Good User Experience

  • Handheld mode & Fixed mode.
  • Eye-friendly flashless scan thanks to infrared technology.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment ensures outstanding face texture.
  • Guided operation throughout the scan workflow.
  • Open system to export STL, OBJ and PLY.
  • Elegant and compact, only 800 grams.

*Optional function (Upcoming)

Technical Specifications MetiSmil

ResolutionData Acquisition Camera: 1.3 Mega Pixel
HD Texture Camera: 5.0 Mega Pixel
Field of ViewWith working distance 500mm, the FOV is 210*270mm
Output FormatPLY, OBJ, STL
White LED color temperature5500K
Power SupplyInput: AC100-220V~, 50/60HZ, 1.5A
Output: DC12V, 7.0V

Recommended PC Configuration MetiSmile

CPUIntel Core i7-8700 or higher
Memory16GB is the minimum, 32GB is highly recommended.
Hard Disk Drive256GB SSD or above
Display Resolution1920*1080, 60Hz or higher
ConnectorUSB 3.0
Graphic Card (GPU)NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB or higher
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10(64-bit)or later versions of Windows operating system