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Try the world’s first enhanced, informed method of consent, iConsentu.

iConsentu is the revolutionary digital consent platform that tests its users’ understanding.

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iConsentu is not another digitised paper document

Let’s get one thing clear: obtaining consent is not the problem. Every reputable dentist and medical practitioner already has a consent program in place.

Why is it then, that so many legal cases against the practice fall down on proving consent? Practitioners can follow every other procedure to the letter, but if they are not able to provide a neat, transparent paper trail that demonstrates a clear level of consent, the case is flawed.

Inform, educate and test. Those are the principles that form the basis of the iConsentu model.

iConsentu elevates digital consent to give patients a unique, interactive user experience that is fully focused on patient education and understanding, leading to valid informed consent. The result? A dramatic reduction in the chance of litigation before it is even started, resulting in fewer insurance payouts and lower premiums.

In collaboration with Leeds University, medico-legal advisors and NHS, Private and Hospital practice dentists.

The team behind iConsentu recognised two things: that the current methods of obtaining consent were a) fallible and b) outdated.

Dentists and other medical practitioners were facing increasing numbers of malpractice cases, with stressful, expensive repercussions.

In developing iConsentu, they knew they needed something robust, cutting edge and easy to adopt.

The result was just that: iConsentu is robust enough to tick every box as governed by the GDC.

It employs cloud-based technology, giving 24/7 access to all your consent forms and stored data from anywhere in the world.

The ease-of-use by both practitioner and patient is unparalleled:

Simple animations followed by easy-to-understand questions for the patient, and a neat, organised audit trail for both practitioner and practice manager.

Not only that, but the whole consent process can be emailed ahead of time, reducing the bottleneck in reception.


  • Reduce ‘failure to warn’ medico-legal costs.
  • Reduce the need for in-person consultations and reduction in cancellations/delays.
  • Audit trail of patients’ actions provides visibility of consent process.
  • 24h access to securely stored forms.
  • Access to regularly-updated, industry standard consent forms that have been approved by dento-legal advisors.


  • Patients are educated in the procedure they are about to undergo thanks to easy-to-follow video presentations.
  • They gain understanding of risks associated with treatments, verified by an interactive quiz.
  • Patients are walked through the procedure in their own time and give informed consent.
  • Patients are given time to ensure understanding of the benefits and risks of the procedure.