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The iTero Element intraoral scanners give you the tools to not only get more out of your chair time, but attract new patients and retain them with an amazing experience.

The iTero Element scanner connects to restorative and orthodontic labs, third-party treatment planning, custom implant abutment, chairside milling and laboratory CAD/CAM systems.

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Introducing the first 3D intraoral scanner that can distinguish internal tooth structure and aid in caries detection

Near infrared imaging (NIRI) technology

Scan your patients’ teeth in real time and watch as iTero Element near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology reveals the internal tooth structure and any interferences without using harmful radiation.

  • Aids in detecting and monitoring proximal caries by scanning at every routine appointment, without using harmful radiation
  • Distinguish enamel and dentin structure for even better prosthetic design
  • Support your diagnostic capabilities for comprehensive preventive and restorative oral care

Outcome Simulator

The iTero Element Outcome Simulator is a popular feature for patients. It creates a one-minute alignment demonstration for the patient, using the scans to create a time lapse simulation.

With Invisalign Outcome Simulator, you can quickly and easily demonstrate to your patients how teeth can move. Then use the Invisalign Progress Assessment tool throughout treatment to inspire confidence and motivate compliance with a tailored plan.


Scan at every visit to collect comprehensive digital records. The innovative feature TimeLapse enables you to forecast issues and diagnose problems by comparing different scans.

Using iTero TimeLapse technology, you can engage and educate your patient with 3D visualisations of their oral health over time—from changes in tooth movement, to tooth wear.

Optimise your restorative workflow

Elevate your dental expertise with iTero’s comprehensive imaging system

Change the way you run your practice with a system that helps improve efficiency, processes and outcome. Identify the need for in-chair prep alterations, project the fit per material type, or re-scan for model accuracy without recalling the patient.

  • Leverage a network of over 3,000 labs worldwide
  • Send restorative STL files directly to your lab or have our team of qualified technicians clean and prepare your scans for you
  • Export scans directly to compatible chairside CAD software

Over 3.2 million restorative scans performed worldwide.1



Implant abutments




The iTero Element orthodontic software is a comprehensive platform to service your orthodontic practice needs

Gallery view for case presentation

Model with full ABO base

Measurement tools

OrthoCAD software integration

With tools for digital analytics and practice management integration, OrthoCAD software helps to ensure that your workflow moves smoothly from performing orthodontic measurements to syncing up patient records.

Digital analytics tools include: teeth width, space, T-J Moyers, Bolton, arch width, canine distance, and overbite/overjet measurements, including point-to-point, point-to-plane, and plane-to-plane measurements.

Open STL export

iTero iRecord STL files are open to send directly to your lab or to export from your iTero cloud account. Scans can be sent to third-party treatment planning providers and can also be exported for integration with cone beam CT data.

Lab connectivity

Send iRecord scans directly to the lab to quickly and easily process orthodontic appliances, retainers, printed models, indirect bonding and more.

Our roots are in restorative

Restorative file interpretation

The iTero modeling process helps to ensure efficient laboratory submission, minimize scan retakes and enable consistent restorative outcomes.

Chairside milling integrations

Our collaborations with™ and Exocad allow you to export scans directly from the iTero Element interface to CAD software and milling partners, for faster, more precise restorations.



An iTero digital practice is a growing practice.

iTero intraoral scanners give you the tools to not only get more out of your chair time, but attract new patients and retain them with an amazing experience.

Attract more patients

With dedicated marketing tools, you can make your practice more attractive in the eyes of prospective patients and position it as a trusted source for treatment.

Patient conversation

With unmatched visualization technology, you can help your patients fully understand their conditions and their treatment options, resulting in more patients saying “yes” to treatment.

Monitoring and retention

Stay connected to patients throughout treatment, monitoring their progress and achieving the best possible results, ensuring your patients keep coming back.

An array of different intraoral scanners. Unlimited possibilities

FeaturesiTero Element 5D PlusiTero Element 5D Plus LiteiTero Element 5DiTero Element 2 PlusiTero Element 2iTero Element Flex
Comprehensive orthodontic workflows
Comprehensive restorative & implant workflows
NIRI technology to aid in interproximal caries detection
High definition intraoral camera
High definition images
Sharper scan visualization with 3D Lifelike Model
Latest computing power
Optimised footprint and height
Enhanced brightness and visualization
Rapid Scan
Color Scan
Invisalign Outcome Simulator
Visualization of tooth erosion, gum recessions and malocclusions
Optimised Invisalign Integration
5D Auto Upload Feature
Chairside CAD and milling collaborations
Expansive global laboratory network
Integrated battery for uninterrupted scanning
Wand-only configuration

How to connect your iTero scanner to MediMatch dental laboratory

Watch this short tutorial, in which we will show you how to connect your iTero Element intraoral scanners to MediMatch Dental Laboratory.

iTero Element scanners offer unmatched visualization technology, helping patients understand their conditions and treatment options.

iTero intraoral scanners, combined with the exocad suite of CAD/CAM applications, enhance every step of your end-to-end workflow with digital tools and technology to guide and assist you from pre-acceptance to patient retention, while simultaneously removing complexity, making your workflow run easily.

MediMatch Dental Laboratory takes your virtual world scans and makes them into real world smiles.

  1. Data on file at Align Technology as of January 1, 2019. Over 3.2 million restorative scans performed worldwide on the iTero Element, iTero Element 2, iTero Element Flex, HD2.05, HD2.1, HD2.9 and HDU scanners.