Dental Implants

For the patient, implants are a long term solution with great aesthetics and comes close to the way nature intended teeth to be.

Temporary Abutment

MediMatch CAD/CAM milled Abutment and restoration

  • Available from both traditional impressions and digital impressions.
  • Cement retained and screw retained available.

MediMatch can design and produce scan flags / scan adaptors for your implant system. You can get milled implant restorations from an intra oral scan, or from traditional impressions. By not using a stock abutment you can achieve custom abutment that is perfect for the situation.

MediMatch restores on any system. There are many restorations possible on implants. From standard abutments to custom made shapes to accomodate angulation, placement, strength and aesthetics.

Everything is possible. Allow us to help you choose the system that fits with your case, from cost effective to highly aesthetic.


Allow us to help you find an implantologist in your area. MediMatch has a large client base and most of our clients are very knowledgeable.

Surely MediMatch can put you in touch with someone that can assist or answer your question if needed. There is no charge for this service. Make yourself known to us and let us further build this network together.

Tips and Tricks for Implant Placement