Special attachments

When there is a large number of missing teeth and the distance between two possible retainers is too big. One option solution is to use special attachments. Want to try a special attachment case with us?

Please see below for our protocol guide for Special Attachments:

STEP 1 (in surgery)

  • Prepare teeth *Tip: Have at least 2 teeth housing the special attachment.
  • Take the 1st impression for the metal substructure of the bridge/crowns.

STEP 2 – (in lab)

  • The metal substructure for the bridge/crowns is made with a milled shoulder and rest.
  • Bite & special tray are made.

STEP 3 (in surgery)

  • Try the bridge/crowns in the patient.
  • Take pick up impression with the special tray.
  • Take the bite registration using the bite block from the lab.

STEP 4 (in lab)

  • Cast the pick up impression.
  • Technician will design and fabricate the frame.
  • The technician will build porcelain onto the metal substructure of the bridge/crowns (pre glaze stage only).
  • The housing will be built up in composite
  • The housing will be enclosed under the frame to fit with attachment and sent to surgery.

STEP 5 (in surgery)

  • Try in the bridge/crowns together with the frame.
  • Check the fit of the frame and acrylic teeth, check the shade.
  • If all fits well, send it to the lab for finish.
  • .

STEP 6 (in lab)

  • Bridge/crowns will be finished and glazed.
  • Frame will finished in acrylic.

STEP 7 (in surgery)

Ensure all the crowns/ bridge with the frame are all attached together and cement the crowns/bridge in one step. *Tip: The frame and bridge shall be seated together in one piece on the patient’s mouth.

  • Do not attempt to fit the bridge/crowns by itself and after seat the frame as any small movement can compromise the fit.
  • If uncertain, please don’t hesitate to call the lab for further assistance.

Do you have questions regarding a special attachment case? Email our team at questions@medimatch.co.uk