NextDent C&B MFH (Micro Filled Hybrid)


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Balancing opacity and translucency perfectly.

Leading Dental Materials for 3D Printing

NextDent C&B Micro Filled Hybrid is a biocompatible Class IIa material developed for crowns and bridges. The balance between inorganic fillers and the resin gives the material its strength.

The material is easy to finish and polish, and can be stained with all types of composite staining kits. Due to the perfect balance between opacity and translucency the printed crown blends in perfectly between the existing teeth.

NextDent C&B MFH Shade suggestions

Micro Filled Hybrid 3D Print resin for the manufacturing of long term tempories, C&B and usable for denture teeth.

Place note

This shade card is provided to help with the selection of MFH shades offered, NextDent will not take responsibility for any issues caused by following the presented shades on this card. The product is not fluorescent.


PropertyRequirementResultISO standard
Flexural strength≥ 50 MPa107ISO 10477
Sorption≤ 70 µg/mm354ISO 10477
Solubility≤ 15,5 µg/mm35,9ISO 10477
BiocompatibilityNon-cytotoxicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNon-mutagenicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot induce any erythema or edema reactionsComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot a sensitizerComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot cause systemic toxicityComplyISO 10993-1
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BL, N1, N1.5, N2, N2.5, N3