Composite Injection Moulding Veneers


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With hands on experience, learn how to fabricate composite veneers using the GC injection technique.

Choose from 3 locations: London, Dublin, and Milan.

Included: Lunch, all materials and equipment for the day, 5 hours of verifiable CPD.

MediMatch protocols courses have been designed with you in mind. The aim is to assist our customers in expanding their skills and knowledge to achieve even better restorations.

We have carefully selected Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) who have specialised knowledge and experience in certain areas within the field. These KOL’s will present each course.

Course Content:

  • Hands on experience.
  • Why use GC g-aenial?
  • An introduction to g-aenial and its properties.
  • Composite veneers with gc g-aenial injection.
  • How to restore occlusal surfaces.
  • Stages of injection technique.
  • How to photograph your cases to get best results.
  • Communication with lab.
  • Shape and sizes.
  • Common problems.

KOL Dr Andrew El-Nazir

Dr Andrew El-Nazir is not just a dentist; he’s a trailblazer in the field of aesthetic dentistry. With extensive experience, Andrew has earned a reputation for his exceptional skill in the G-aenial Universal Injectable Composite technique. His courses have become highly sought-after, and for good reason!

Aesthetic Dentistry Extraordinaire: Dr Andrew’s passion for aesthetics is palpable in every aspect of his work. He understands that a smile is not just a set of teeth; it’s a canvas for artistry. Witnessing his patients realize their desired outcomes and leaving his practice with newfound confidence is what fuels his dedication.

Guiding Your Journey: Dr Andrew El-Nazir is not just an instructor; he’s your mentor. He’s committed to helping you master the intricacies of the G-aenial Universal Injectable Composite technique. With his guidance, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to elevate your practice and deliver remarkable results to your patients.

Your Questions, His Answers: Have a burning question about injectable composite? Andrew is here to provide answers. He welcomes your inquiries and is dedicated to your professional growth.

G-ænial Universal Injectable composite is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. It contains Barium particles and Silane Coating technology for extra strength and can be used for all cavity classes without an additional covering layer.
It’s high radiopacity makes it easy to detect secondary caries, and its highly thixotropic viscosity allows it to adapt to any clinical situation. It also offers excellent polishability and comes in 16 shades with three translucency levels for long-term aesthetics. The dispensing tips have a long, curved needle that can access difficult posterior cavities.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Injection moulding technique with injectable composites: quick fix or long-lasting solution.

The injection moulding technique with injectable composites has become increasingly popular in the latest years. It is a relatively simple procedure that makes it possible to obtain a predicable end result, even in complex situations, because the morphology can be determined in advance.

It is in part because of the development of suitable, high quality materials, such as G-ænial Universal Injectable and Exaclear that injection moulding is a reliable procedure.

G-ænial Universal Injectable has the ideal consistency and mechanical properties and thus it is widely used for this technique.

Combined with the highly transparent Exaclear silicone, the technique has become approachable and easy to conduct. MediMatch accepts most scanners. Please find the steps to workflow once we receive the scan.

Workflow from Scan Only, You will receive:

  • Digital wax up to mobile nr or email
    • 1 Free redesign if needed included
  • Putty and wash impression with V-carving on margin for trial-smile
    • Indicate and deduct £60 of price if you don’t need this
  • Digital printed model with full wax up & Exaclear stent
  • Digital printed model with alternating teeth method & Exaclear stent
  • Soft nightguard to wear after treatment.
    • Send a new scan and an additional charge of £47


  • Superimposing 3d digital design on patient 2d picture
  • Ordering relevant GC material (via order form or via online shop)
  • Relevant equipment via online shop (Medit scanner)
  • Exocad software to make your own design (Exocad courses)


  • Design is typically ready within 48h of receiving the scan.
  • We accept scans from all scanner brands.
  • Contact info via
  • WhatsApp the team via 07740743653 or call 020 3875 8530
    Please always write in the scan notes if you send a separate email relating to the case/scan to help us match/find the relevant email.
    If you need to speak to Hugo: email to or call 07889088851.

Fee indication for direct composite bonding restorations:

Kindly download the order form below.

Fee indication for direct composite bonding restorations:

3 – 3

4 – 4

5 – 5

6 – 6

GC Injection Veneers Kit

For preparing the GC Injection Veneers, we are offering a set of products which will be required for producing high-quality Veneers. Injectable composite veneers offer the possibility of “do-overs,” which are relatively straightforward to execute. Order the supplies needed for the Injection Veneer.


14th October 2023, 17th February – London, 13th April 2024 – London, 20th April – Dublin, 15th June – London, 7th July – Milan, 8 th September – Milan, 19th October – Dublin, 7th December – London, Register your interest