PUNCH – Knock Out Rubber Dam Isolation


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Time: 9am-5pm

Location: MediMatch Dental Laboratory, Unit 2, The Works, Colville Road, London, W3 8BL

Included: Lunch, 6 hours of CPD

Punch is a hands on rubber dam work shop simplifying isolation in both anterior and posterior scenarios. From conventional clamp isolation , split damming , floss ties , PTFE accessory isolation , hole positioning & sizing, patient dam communication, dam application and lots more. Dr Wiktor will be sharing his PUNCH protocols with you so you can go back to your clinics and knock out isolation on the first try, making it both fun, comfortable and easy for the dental team and patient. So join us for a comprehensive course on dental isolation techniques, featuring a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice to enhance your clinical skills in both posterior and anterior dental isolation.

Course Content

  • How to floss tie
  • Hole position
  • Easy posterior Inversion
  • Posterior upper and lower
  • Clamping an 8
  • Deep margin isolation
  • Onlay fit isolation
  • ⁠Isolation accessories
  • Anterior isolation
  • Anterior Inversion
  • Split dam technique
  • Clamp-less isolation
  • Anterior Veneer Cementation isolation
  • ⁠Choosing the right clamp
  • Floss Inversion
  • Rubber dam equipment

About Dr Wiktor Pietraszewski

Dr Wiktor is a restorative dentist with 7 years of private experience now practicing in London. His dentistry is fueled by his passion for dental photography and he has a special interest in direct and indirect restorations in the posterior dentition.

He has lectured and taught in the UK and internationally most notably as a KOL for Kuraray Noritake at their head office in Tokyo Japan.

He utilizes modern adhesive protocols in his restorative cases and uses gold standard materials to try and emulate the natural appearance, bio-mechanical function and internal structure of teeth when restoring them.
He is highly skilled in rubber dam isolation and is passionate about its importance in day to day restorative dentistry.

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“The course was very good with clear instruction of the process and enough time for practical aspects with help available readily at all times.”


10th August 2024, 19th October 2024