Woodpecker LED.C Curing Lamp


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Woodpecker LED-C Curing Light is a Portable LED curing light with 2 interchangeable LI-Ion batteries.

One battery remains on charge while the other battery is in use. Results in zero down time for your curing light.

Also no risk of charging points being corroded over time and failing.

In stock

Features of the LED polymerisation lamp C:

  • Connection mode: Independent charging stand with easily replaceable rechargeable battery.
  • Working times: 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds.
  • Working modes: Full power, intensity ramp or by pulsation. On full charge it can be used 200 times for 10 seconds before recharging.
  • Low consumption: On standby up to 20 days duration. Due to the constant intensity, constant solidification effects are achieved even at low battery loads.
  • External power supply via a base.
  • Warranty of 1 year or 2 years (on equipment purchased from the second half of 2020) and 6 months on accessories (battery and charger).

Technical Specifications of the LED Polymerisation Lamp C:

  • Weight: 124 gr.
  • Diameter: 3.2 cm.
  • Contents: 26.3 cm.
  • Battery voltage and capacity: 3.7V / 1400mAh Adapter Input: 100V to 240V ~ 50Hz / 60Hz Built-in adapter fuse: 1A / 250V
  • Power: 850 W/cm.
  • Light intensity: 1000mW / cm2 ~ 1200mW / cm2
  • Power consumption: ≤8W