Premium Kit iPhysio® Profile Designer


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2 iphysio Profile Designer + 2 ETK Naturactis Implants + Drills + Key Drivers.

In stock

Start digital implantology with the premium iPhysio® box.

The Profile Designer is a 3-in-1 scannable anatomical abutment fulfilling the functions of anatomical healing, impression transfer and also as a temporary tooth base using a temporary support. Your prosthetist can then perform the desired restoration in CAD/CAM using the scanner of his choice. While maintaining your work habits, you will then benefit from the clinical advantages of the iPhysio® concept.

This box Premium kit iPhysio® contains:

  • 2 implants for the realization of simple cases
  • 2 adapted iPhysio Profile Designers
  • 1 temporary abutment for the realization on an anterior case
  • All the instruments needed to carry out the implant protocol
  • Screwdriver for fitting iPhysio Profile Designers and making the final prosthesis.