Comfort Soft™ – Autoclavable


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Set of 12 units in 1 Box

Dual-Purpose soft tissue retractor to be used chairside for any procedure and then immediately given to patient or caregiver to use when brushing and improving hygiene at home.

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Better Access. Better Hygiene.

Provides controlled and comfortable soft reaction and a clear view while making the patient comfortable.

Soft retraction provides easier access, visibility and focus when brushing at home. Improve hygiene between visits

Universal Retractor for ALL NEEDS

Specially designed to provide comfort, relief & safety for ALL patients including special health care needs, geriatric patients & caregivers. Comfort Soft also works very well for Teledentistry appointments and exams. Connect with your patient in your office and at home. Use at home for brushing and visualization.

Soft Retraction is Ideal for Any Procedure and After Care

Comfort Soft is ideal for all procedures including, consults, exams, hygiene visits, applying fluoride, sealants, intraoral scanning, oral surgery, implants, laser, sleep procedures, cosmetic dentistry and post-op care. Our goal is to provide a better option to harsh metal or plastic to help maintain soft tissue.

Connect With Your Patients at Home and Improve Hygiene

Impact your patient hygiene behaviors and compliance at home after a procedure. Patients need easier access when brushing as they often can’t see their molars or bottom front teeth. Retracting and brushing is a new brushing technique to improve patient’s focus on hygiene.