Dental IPR Kit strip


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Type: 4:1 Reduction Interproximal Stripping Handpiece Sets

  • A safe, precise and reliable method to achieve accurate interproximal stripping.
  • More controllable and safer for the dentist and patient than diamond discs.
  • Provides the flexibility that diamond and carbide burs can‘t Faster and more comfortable for the patient than manual hand stripping.


  • Fits ISO E type handpieces
  • 1.4 mm stroke
  • Autoclavable
  • Optimal torque
  • For Eva Tips
  • Vertical Reciprocating
  • Reciprocating IPR System
  • Double Sided
  • 15um-020 20um-020 30um-030

15 micron -for pre polishing
25 micron – for finishing
40 micron – for contouring
60 micron – for reduction
90 micron – for use as a saw for opening contacts


15HD, 25HD, 40HD, 60HD, 90HD, 5 Strip kit, Guage ruler