Woodpecker/ DTE Dental Turbine Fast Handpiece (NSK Mach Compatible High-Speed)


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The dental turbine handpiece is driven by compressed gas of high-speed rotation, which stimulates the specific features of the bur, drilling, grinding and other operations on teeth. Dental clamping of cutting tools for molar surgery.

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High-Speed Handpiece


  • Variety of head size designs, suitable for the requirements of different therapeutic areas.
  • The latest designed handpiece head angle, better operation visual and angle, improve working efficiency.
  • High precision of cartridge, low radial beat when running, low noise, high efficiency of cutting.
  • Newest handpiece design, easy cleaning.
  • The handpiece and bur keys can be autoclaved at a high temperature
  • Has 2 models: one with Japanese bearings and one with German bearings


  • Anti-suction sanitary head system
  • Strong enough clamping force Tighter needle grasping
  • Imported ceramic bearing
  • Three-hole atomization
  • Better cooling effects

Technical Specifications

Chuck TypePush-button
Air Pressure2.5-2.7 kgf/c m²
Water Pressure0.5-2.0kgf/cm²
Head sizeØ 12mm x H 13.1 mm
Noise<70 dB
Water SprayTriple