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The Medit i900 – premium scanner that redefines the scanning experience.

Every aspect of the Medit i900 is meticulously crafted: engineered for excellence, designed to captivate, and dedicated to bringing seamless efficiency to every user.

Medit i900 – Discover the best in its class

Meticulously crafted for an effortless scanning journey

ALL IN on Innovation

Comfort in every hand for any scan

Our premium Medit i900 scanner is precisely designed with your comfort in mind. Light and compact, it offers effortless scanning capabilities, ensuring a seamless experience every time.


Lighter than your smartphone, optimized for minimum fatigue

Experience lightweight scanning with the Medit i900, 33% lighter weight than its predecessor. Minimize hand fatigue in your scanning sessions.


Slimmer than a ping-pong ball, a perfect grip for any hand size

Effortlessly scan with ergonomic comfort. Universally crafted for hands of all sizes, the Medit i900 provides perfect control at all times.

All new 3rd generation optical engine

10-bit imaging technology for unmatched clarity

Medit i900’s advanced optical engine orchestrates unparalleled clarity and depth. Its 10-bit imaging unveils rich, vivid colors, ensuring clear, accurate images for reliable diagnostics. From broad spectrum to low-noise imaging, every detail is captured flawlessly.

Expanded field of view

Scan more and achieve more in every sweep

Scan larger areas faster in less time, without compromising on detail or accuracy. Thanks to the extended area coverage of the Medit i900, you can efficiently capture intricate details and comprehensive scans, ensuring precise results with every use.

Simplicity at heart

Start scans automatically

Experience simplicity. Use the Start Automatic Scan feature to complete scanning in less than a minute, without touching a button.

ALL IN on Control

A complete and intuitive touch experience

We’ve reimagined the scanning process. The Medit i900 replaces the button-controlled scanners of the past and is ALL IN, on an innovation with new touch-activated experience.

Tips for every task

Adaptability is key

Medit i900 offers tip sizes in large, medium, and small, guaranteeing the perfect solution for each case (Small tips are not included in the bundle).

Easy scanning for all

Seamless scanning workflow

Medit i900: Easy, efficient dental scanning. User-friendly interface for professional-level scans without complexity or extensive training.

Deeper scanning depth

Capture high quality scans

With the completely redesigned optical engine, reduce blind spots and capture detailed scans of non-ideal fields such as fluids and soft tissue.

Optimized metal scans

Conquer reflective challenges

Medit i900’s enhanced metal scanning captures reflective surfaces with extraordinary detail, making scans as easy as regular surfaces.

360° Touch Band

Intuitively double tap to scan

Scan from any angle. Simply double-tap to start or end the scan. Swipe right and left to move to the next or previous scanning stages.

Touch Menu control

Access menu on demand

Access more customizable functions by holding the touch menu; never remove your gloves during the scanning process again.

Status indicators

Haptic feedback with LED

Experience immersive scanning with the Medit i900’s touch interface and LED light indicator, ensuring clear status updates.


Enjoy a hassle-free experience right from the start

The Medit i900 is the complete scanning solution for your practice. Every i900 comes bundled with an optimized and managed laptop–meaning you will never have to worry about software changes or suboptimal performance. Plus, every i900 is backed by direct Medit service and a 3-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.


The i900 boasts a larger scanning area for fast, comprehensive data capture, making it the ideal choice for scanning tissue or non-ideal surfaces.

The i900’s cutting-edge optical engine allows you to overcome scanning obstacles like reflective metals and tight spaces in the oral cavity.

Simple to set up. Start scanning right out of the box.

Seamless Integration

Medit Link, our fully open system, integrates the i900 with your existing practice software, enhancing workflows without complication.

ALL IN One Package

  • Intraoral Scanner Medit i900 wand and cradle
  • Four wand tips in two sizes (M, L)
  • 2 flexible, hassle-free cables
  • Preconfigured laptop with Medit Link installed
  • 3-year warranty and direct service from Medit

Specifications Medit i900 Intraoral Scanner

Capture rateFastest
Imaging technology3D in-motion video technology/
3D full-color streaming capture
Anti-fogging technologyAdaptive air flow
Camera grab110 bit
Accuracy Full-arch10.9 μm ± 0.98
Handpiece Dimensions223.4 x 36.7 X 35.3mm
Handpiece Total weight165g (including normal tip
Tip SizeL: 26.7 x 19.7mm
M: 21.8 x 16.3mm
S: 17.9 x 13.1mm (sold separately)
Tip Field of viewL: 18 x 15mm (552 x 460 px)
M: 14 x 11.5mm (428 x 352 px)
S: 10 x 8 mm (308 x 252 px)
Tip AutoclavableUp to 150 times
Autoclave 121°C 30 mins
Autoclave 134°C 4 mins (Pre-Vacuum Type)
Autoclave 135°C 10 mins (Gravity Type)
Tip MaterialPPSU
CableUSB C Power Delivery: 2m & 2.5m