Medit In-practice Scanning training


In stock


In stock

Our expert Medit trainer will train you and your team on the scanner, the software, and applications remotely via Teamviewer and Zoom.
We will install Medit Link on the computer and make sure that the scanner and computer are all ready for you to start scanning straight away.

We will also take you through the basics of scanning and set you up with a Medit Link account and connect you to MediMatch or your favourite lab.
Once the session is complete you will be able to scan and send your cases off instantly.

Package includes:

  • Unboxing, hardware installation, PC configuration & software installation (Optional)
  • Health and safety indications
  • Tip cleaning and handling
  • Scanner handpiece overview
  • In depth overview of Medit Link
  • Lab Partnering
  • Cloud system understanding
  • Case creation
  • Basic scan strategy (Upper, lower & bite)
  • Understanding depth of scan and soft tissue filter sliders
  • Data manipulation
  • Case saving and ordering
  • Order box overview
  • Crown prep strategy without pre-op
  • Crown prep strategy with pre-op
  • Trimming tools
  • Margin line creation
  • Undercut analysis
  • Result preview
  • Scan replay
  • How to use scanner as an intra-oral camera
  • How to perform a manual bite alignment
  • Export data from case
  • Importing data to case
  • Demonstration of 2 medit apps (your choice between: Medit temporaries, model builder, smile design, ortho simulation or Medit design app)
  • Practice staff able to scan each other
  • How to share scan data via email or SMS
  • Case Talk overview
  • Implant workflow (optional)