An alternative option for small and temporary restorations.


Suitable for:

  • Inlay/Onlay
  • Temporary crown
  • Temporary veneer
  • Temporary bridge with fibre or wire

What to send

  1. Silicone impression with wash for working model
  2. Alginate impression for opposing
  3. Silicone or wax bite
  4. Completed lab prescription form

Other Crown and Bridge extras:

  • Pink Porcelain
  • Shade Change
  • Use of Facebow in Lab
  • Post and core in one piece
  • Separate pin for addition root in post and core
  • Zirconia post and core
  • Mask post and core with white
  • Metal substructure for temporary units
  • Wire for temporary bridge
  • Wax up
  • Rest and milled shoulder for future frame
  • Metal key key way / Dove tail
  • Zirconia key key way / Dove tail
  • Porcelain butt margin
  • Metal margin all around
  • Metal backing
  • No metal showing
  • Fit crown under denture
  • Borrowing Facebow/Articulator
  • Shade match to picture or old crown

Other NHS Crown and Bridge Extras:

  • Non-Precious metal Post and Core
  • Multiple Shading
  • Fit Crown under Denture
  • No Metal showing
  • Metal Backing
  • Metal Margin all around
  • Porcelain Butt Margin
  • Please note that NHS work incur additional fees for more than 1 unit (£5.60), more than 2 units (£30), and 5 or more units (£60.60).