Asiga Build Tray Storage Case


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Asiga Spare Part – build tray storage. Storage box to keep the resin and build tray in perfect condition. The box offers 100% protection from light to prevent unwanted material curing. The foam insert prevents the tray from moving in the case. The lid can be written on to identify the content, batch number and date. The storage case is stackable and reusable.

Compatible with Asiga Max, Max 2, and Pico 3D Printers.

Product Features:

  • Protects the resin tray all around and resealable with the clip lid closure.
  • Manufactured from 100% opaque thermoplastic to prevent light transmission and unwanted curing of material.
  • Inner foam liner to accurately position the resin tray and keep it in place during transport and storage due to the precession fit.
  • Label on lid and front to identify contents including material name, material batch number and any date opened and expiration date of material material
  • The storage case bins are reusable