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With a unique chameleon effect, particularly for inlays, onlays, tabletops and veneers.

With a unique chameleon effect

Going forward, VITA ENAMIC is also available as VITA ENAMIC ST in “super translucent.“ VITA ENAMIC ST has been
developed especially for enamel-bordered restorations. Thanks to the increased translucency and chameleon effect,
inlays, onlays, tabletops and veneers now blend perfectly with the remaining tooth substance like a chameleon.

Also functionally fully integrated

The minimum layer thickness in the isthmus area is only one millimeter. As a result, minimally invasive and tooth substance
saving preparation preparation is enabled. In addition, the precise edges and the excellent edge stability offer excellent fit.

Maximum cost-effectiveness as well

VITA ENAMICS ST completely eliminates firing after the grinding process. Just finish and polish and the restoration is ready
for bonding.

Adhesive bonding

Due to the dominant ceramic network, VITA ENAMIC can be etched and silanized in the usual way with hydrofluoric acid.
As a result, excellent bond strength values are achieved during adhesive bonding.




1M1, 1M2, 2M2, 3M2, 4M2