Mouth Mate® Lip & Cheek Retractor


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Set of 12 units in 1 Box

Mouth Mate is a preventive oral care product that improves home care utilizing brushing retraction technique to maintain hygiene long-term. Improve easier access, visibility and brushing habits.

Mouth-Mate is the ideal home care product that can be used to retract anywhere in the mouth so the patient has better access, visibility and focus when brushing.

Single Patient Use. Used chairside and then given to patient to use at home.

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Mouth-Mate is a two handed brushing retraction technique that improves long term hygiene as the patient can now see better in their mouth and therefore not rush to brush as they take better care of their oral health.

Decrease Plaque, White Spots and Cavities following Dental Braces

MouthMate, the First Retraction Tool Designed to Improve Oral Hygiene.

Improve Hygiene After a Dental Cleaning by Brushing Hard to See Areas in Your Mouth

Mouth Mate is also a helpful retractor to maintain dental implant health long-term.
Retract lower lip while brushing for fixed implant cases and molars.


MouthMate provides easier access & visibility when brushing.


Retraction improves access to molars and hard to reach areas.


Start kids young with MouthMate so they have fun as they learn to brush on their own.


MouthMate is changing kids’ brushing habits!