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Streamlined workflow through direct digital impressions.

Accurate restoration designs are possible through integration with CAD/CAM.

Minimize remakes by incorporating the occlusion data for the accurate restoration design.

Diagnostics data are directly translated into the prosthetics design and fabrication.

Provides comprehensive diagnostic data through clinically meaningful occlusion information, teeth segmentation, bone, soft tissue…etc.

Various clinical application cosmetic dentistry, dentures, splints, clear aligners…etc.

The fast and accurate Ratios will assist you in your journey to an efficient workflow.

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The First More into Digital Dentistry


Open System
It supports an open type file format that is compatible with any device and allows collaboration with dental labs and other partners.

Ergonomic Design
Stable center of gravity design and grip feeling for user consideration make scanning more comfortable.

No Powder
You can scan comfortably without powder.


Full color
It provides a real color scanthat can distinguish between teeth and soft tissue in the mouth.

HD Scanning
High-definition 3D scanning technology is applied to show even the details of margin lines.

Accurate Scanning
The advanced technology enables precise scanning.

For your Best Digital Experience

Accurate Scanning
For best result, precision is a top priority from scanning to design and milling.

Fast Processing
Save time for patients and staff with ONE-DAY treatment.

High Compatibility
Introduce digital treatment with advanced imaging systems and equipments designer for dental clinic and labs.

RAYDENT Designer

Using Ray CAD Software, optimized for chairside solution, makes a digital treatment plan more simple and easier.

Easy & Fast Patient-Tailored Tooth Design

It is easy to design all kind of tooth shapes such as incisor, premolar and molar.

Seamless Workflow

It works smoothly with various CAM systems, including 3D Printer and Milling Machine.

Manual / Automatic Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusal adjustment is available manually or automatically at user’s convenience.

Various Prosthetic Design

RAYDENT Designer provides various design functions including Crown, Bridge, Inlay/Onlay, Provisional Crown & Bridge, Veneers, Coping, Diagnostic wax up and Model Builder.

Technical Specifications RAYiOS Intraoral Scanner

Field of View14 × 14 mm
Depth of Field16 mm
Accuracy20 um (Single Crown)
Scanning MethodDigital structured light projection
AcquisitionRealtime video process scanning
Weight280 g (Only handpiece weight)
Dimensions263.5 × 43 × 49.4 mm
Tip (Autoclavable)Autoclave 100 times