Dental Milling Machines Vhf K5+


Dry milling with a plus.

Proven quality now even better: With the new K5+, you will achieve perfect milling results. Process a wide range of materials and indications (blanks up to 40 mm) with five axes. Revolutionary technologies, such as tool-free blank clamping and an integrated ionizer, help you achieve top-quality results. The particularly stable machine bed construction made of a solid cast body ensures first-class machining results.

Material accessibility in disc format, separate block and prefab abutment holders available

Machinable materials: composites, plastics, zirconia, CoCr

Maximum freedom of indication

crown, bridge, inlay/onlay, abutment, telescopic crown, model plate, model cast, occlusal splint, model tooth, implant bar, veneer, drilling template, denture, secondary crown, screw-retained bridge, protrusion splint

Innovations made by vhf

Save valuable time with vhf’s technical innovations that allow you to work even more efficiently. No matter what you have in mind, the K5+ guarantees fast workflows and supports you optimally through the machining process.