25° angled Abutment

The titanium anti-rotation abutments of the V.D.L. Esthetic Line show several innovative developments. The most important feature is the circular, groovelike shoulder which is lower in the buccal area for esthetics and slightly ascends with an elegant swing towards the lingual. This enables the technician to prepare an exact, clearly defined crown margin. The subgingival design of the new abutment allows individual adjustment to the gingiva contour as well as an adjustment to the anatomical direction of the tooth. The internal design of the abutment was advanced so that the outer shape of the abutment remains slim, which is of considerable advantage for the design of narrow incisors. We recommend the use of special titanium drills for the trimming of the V.D.L. Esthetic Abutments. The retaining screw is secured by an additional internal thread system to avoid losing the screw or mistaking it for another. For cleaning purposes, the retaining screw can be unscrewed from the abutment, if necessary. Version B The angulation of the abutment is oriented to the corner of the hex.