Cerabond Abutments

Gold colored precious metal abutment with cervical shoulder for direct individual ceramics veneering. The Cerabond Abutment provides the dentist and the technician with a final post which guarantees an individual shape and color in the subgingival area by veneering of ceramics in the area of the shoulder. The Cerabond Line provides the optimal precondition for the preparation of esthetic full ceramic crowns. The precise precious metal hex base of the abutment can be anchored on the implant abutment by the retaining screw for a stable anti-rotation fixation. The Cerabond Abutment is especially suited for the direct veneering of ceramic material. The abutment can be trimmed in the shoulder area. At the subgingival area of the ceramics veneering the complete cervical area can be designed in tooth color and does not show the dark metal. The gold color of the abutment base has a warm tone. The tooth neck can be designed individually regarding the color and the ceramic shape and margin. A ceramics crown can be cemented on the modified Cerabond Abutment. The indication for the Cerabond Abutment primarily is the single or multiple tooth replacement.