Non-Shouldered Abutments

➤ Non-Shouldered Abutment Considerations ■ The abutment can be rotated 360˚ to reach a desired position or to achieve parallelism prior to being seated. ■ The 3.5mm abutments are recommended for mandibular incisors only; 4.0mm abutments are primarily used for maxillary laterals and bicuspids; 5.0mm abutments are more universal in their use; 6.5mm and 7.5mm abutments are ideally suited for molars. ■ The diameter of each Emergence Cuff corresponds to the diameter of a non-shouldered abutment. ■ Do not make an impression with the emergence cuff. ■ Choose the widest abutment that will support the interproximal papillae without encroaching upon them.