Restorative/Laboratory Kits for Non-Shouldered Abutments

➤ Non-Shouldered Prosthetic Components Considerations ■ The impression sleeves and transfer dies are color coded according to the corresponding diameter of the non-shouldered abutment: 3.5mm = blue, 4.0mm = red, 5.0mm = yellow, 6.5mm = green, and 7.5mm = purple. ■ The sleeves may be used for impression making, temporization, corrective copings, and/or as waxing sleeves. ■ The temporization sleeves may be used in lieu of the emergence cuffs. ■ Always confirm the complete seating of snap-on acrylic sleeves with either the non-shouldered abutment or colored abutment transfer die. ■ It is paramount that the proper abutment transfer die height be chosen for pouring of a stone model, since all transfer dies of the same color will snap into an impression sleeve of that color. ■ The diameter and height of the transfer dies are sized to match the diameter and height of a corresponding non-shouldered abutment. ■ Although possible, avoid making an impression using the tooth colored temporization sleeves, since they are not color coded with their corresponding transfer dies and they are more retentive. ■ Sleeves may be easily modified to suit a particular clinical need. ■ Current versions of the non-shouldered abutment has a groove approximately 3.0mm above its height of contour providing retention for the new snap-on impression and temporization sleeves. ■ The snap-on impression and temporization sleeves will not necessarily fit precisely on a non-shouldered abutment without the groove.