UCLA Gold Base Abutments Non-Ceramic Alloy Non-Hexed

UCLA abutments provide a foundation to which wax can be added to shape a screw-retained crown or bridge or a custom abutment. See the Prosthetic Instrumentation section for the lapping tool used to polish the cast surface that will mate with the implant. A reamer is also available to clean out the retaining screw hole in the casting. Gold base abutments have machined surfaces and will not require finishing with these tools. Hexed UCLA abutments should be used for custom abutments and for supporting crowns as they will resist the rotational forces associated with single tooth restorations. Non-hexed UCLA abutments should be used for supporting screw retained bridges. Important. The melting range is 1400 – 1490˚C (2550 – 2710˚F), refer to package instructions for further details.