ZirDesign 3.5/4.0

ZirDesign™ is a two-piece component, fabricated in zirconia. It is easily modified, providing an anatomically designed prosthetic solution with high esthetics. ZirDesign is inteded for use in the anterior and pre-molar regions but is not recommended for use in the molar regions. The ivory color of the abutment offers a perfect base to create outstanding esthetic porcelain work. For the best esthetic result the all-ceramic crown is preferably seated with glass-ionomer or composite cement. Short facts Pre-designed for quick and easy adjustment. Lingual heights is 1 mm more coronal than the buccal height. Recommended torque 20 Ncm. Includes Abutment Screw Design 3.5/4.0 – M1.6, REF 24449 (Ti-alloy)