Bimodal Implants

The Neoss Implant System. The Neoss Implant is based on extensive research and development, the outcome of which is a state-of-the-art system, rationalized by design. The implant has a patented design and geometry which imparts specific features and benefits to the system. Neoss may be used as a one or two-stage implant and is manufactured from Commercially Pure Titanium Grade IV with a connective surface. The system fulfils all clinical indications with a compact and rational range of implant components and instruments. The Neoss Bimodal implant has an altered surface. This surface has been subjected to a multistage preparation and cleaning process during production. The result of this process is a ‘bimodal’ surface which exhibits a coarse level of surface roughness over the threaded body of the implant to optimize bone interlocking and stress distribution. A superimposed fine level of surface roughness over the entire implant including the cutting faces and the flange increases surface energy and improves wetting by blood and tissue fluids. This ‘ultra clean’ surface is produced by a combination of cleaning and packaging methods