NobelDirect Implants, Regular Platform

The NobelDirect 3.0 implant encompasses the asseous component and restorative component in one piece. This design is based on the One-Stage Placement concept and offers a number of posible advantages: New indications: NobelDirect 3.0 is the first FDA-cleared implant on the market with a diameter of 3.0 mm. For the first time the mandibular central and lateral incisors or maxillary lateral incisors can be restored with an excellent esthetic outcome. Ease-of-use: NobelDirect 3.0 Implants is a threaded one-piece implant with an integrated abutment designet for one-stage surgical procedures and cemented restorations. Tissue friendliness: The surgery is performed only once, allowing the soft tissue to adapt to the implant/ abutment interface without further manipulation.