Oncology Implants

Zygomatic & Oncology Implants. This manual is produced as an adjunct to the Southern Implants Zygomatic Course, and as an instruction sheet for use before and during placement of these Zygomatic implants. It is not intended to be a guide for basic surgical techniques, as it is essential that practitioners using these implants are already experienced Maxillo- Facial or Cranio-Facial surgeons. The main indications for the placement of Zygomatic implants are: Patients who are fully edentulous in the maxilla, especially those with moderate to severe bone resorption. Patients who have unilateral or bilateral posterior maxillary edentulism, & with moderate to severe bone loss. Patients who have had ablative cancer surgery or who have suffered avulsive trauma to the middle third of the facial skeleton. Oncology Implants has surface 20mm on all lengths.