One-piece 3.0 Implants

BioHorizons One-piece 3.0 is the small-diameter implant of choice for the long-term treatment of missing maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors. It allows treatment of spaces that cannot be handled with conventional two-piece implants. • Maximum Strength – Minimum Profile. Its one-piece, titanium alloy construction provides maximum strength, while its 3.0mm diameter allows placement in areas of limited tooth-to-tooth spacing. The clinically-proven modified square-thread form and a choice of either Resorbable Blast Texturing (RBT) surface or Hydroxylapatite (HA) coating have been shown to maximize bone-to-implant contact and osseointegration. • Minimal Surgery – Maximum Esthetics. Because One-piece 3.0 implants are placed using a single-stage protocol, the soft tissue experiences less trauma than typical two-stage protocols. Immediate provisionalization allows soft tissue concerns to be addressed from the time of surgical placement. The gold-colored titanium nitride coating on the abutment portion also improves soft tissue esthetics.