Pitt-Easy Implants

The indications: The system demonstrates versatility also in this regard: Suitable not only for single tooth replacement and interdental spaces, but also for free-en situations and the edentulous mandible and maxilla, the Pitt-Easy cylindrical mplant is the optimal solution. The multiple indications ar also supported by two different healing methods: The Pitt-Easy implants are in genera two-phase, but they can also be applied with a onephase healing modality – by the use of gingiva formers, thereby avoiding the re-entry surgery. Additional applications are for severely atrophied jaw regions (if a minimum alveolar height of 10 mm and a minimum of 1 mm circular flanking bone is guaranteed) as well as for insertion in fresh extraction sockets if the entrance diameter is completely filled or can be slightly expanded by the implant. Result Pitt-Easy implants can be inserted in all regions of the mandible and maxilla – especially in the anterior area as well as mesial of the sinus cavity, in limited cases also below the sinus. The FBR (Fast Bone Regeneration) surface for accelerated regeneration time achieves an increased bone apposition by 23% as compared to other structured surfaces and demonstrates a high capillary effect for intensive early anchorage. The pure synthetic material of resorbable calcium phosphate is applied in addition to the V-TPS coating. New bone formation has been documented after six up to maximum twelve weeks. The smooth FBR surface facilitates the insertion.