ProActive Implants, Narrow Platform

The Neoss Implant System. The Neoss Implant is based on extensive research and development, the outcome of which is a state-of-the-art system, rationalized by design. The implant has a patented design and geometry which imparts specific features and benefits to the system. Neoss may be used as a one or two-stage implant and is manufactured from Commercially Pure Titanium Grade IV with a connective surface. The system fulfils all clinical indications with a compact and rational range of implant components and instruments. The Neoss ProActive implant is a commercially pure titanium implant with an altered surface. This surface has been subjected to a multistage blasting, etching, cleaning and chemical treatment. The result of this is an implant which exhibits a coarse level of roughness (Sa 1.0μm) over the threaded part of the implant and a reduced roughness (Sa 0.4μm) over the flange of the implant. The surface is ultraclean and is produced by a combination of cleaning and packaging methods. Surface treatment enables the implant to achieve a high level of wettability using a technique called Electrowetting. In combination, these features demonstrate an accelerated and increased strength of osseointegration in comparison to blasted and machined