SM System Narrow Platform

Internal Torx Connection. Torx type connection is applied to the implant and the counterparts. Morse Taper. The internal Morse Tapered Surface for Narrow is 6 and Regular/wide 8 The abutment is easier to be inserted with the internal Morse Tapered Surface. Because of the wider contact area with abutment the potential possibility of screw loosening is reduce. Platform Switching. “Platform Switching” technique is applied to the design of the implants and abutments to reduce cretal bone loss. Double Thread. Double – Thread is designed to prevent damage to the cortical bone. With the double-thread, the primary stability is encouraged and it provides a function of preventing the absorption cortical bone from bacterial infection. Body Thread. The streamlined body-thread of the screw is designed to avoid bone fracture under inserting pressure. As the double-thread is connected to the tapered body-thread it supports the primary stability. Widely designed pitch distance can endure the inserting pressure due to the sufficient support from bone structure.