SwissPlant Implants

The SwissPlant implant surface is textured using SBM (HA crystal Soluble Blast Media) to create a 2 mmL cylindrical neck region with an Ra value of 0.5(light rexture) and a threaded body with an Ra volue 1.5 (medium texture). Starting at the junction between the two surface textures, the threaded body has a 2.0mmL straight section below which then tapers 1.5 degrees to a round apex. This gentle taper facilitates insertion into an undersized socket in soft bone providing compression that increases initial stability and the percentage of bone attachment. Mini-threads start 0.5mm below the textured dividing line and extend approximately 2.0mm before transitioning into double-lead buttress threads that get progressively deeper toward the apex of the impant. The Mini-threads, half the depth and pitch of the double-lead body threads, reduce stress in the critical crestal bone region, while double-lead threads reduce the number of turns required to seat the implant. Vertical cutting drooves extend halfway up the implant from the apex for self-tapping insertion.