Tapered Effect Implants, Regular Neck

General indications for Tapered Effect Implants Tapered Effect implants have same indications as Standard Plius Implants and are particularly suitable for immediate or early implantation following extraction or loss of natural teeth. The endosteal diameter refers to the apical cylindrical part of the implant. In the coronal region Tapered Effect implants should not the alveolus completely. It should rather be ensured that the implant is surrounded orofacially by a layer of bone at least 1 mm in thickness. When the thickness of the bone is less tha 1 mm or a layer of bone is not present, a simultaneous bomne augmentation procedure is indicated. Idication Tapered Effect Implants diameter 4.1 mm: A mesio-distal gap of > 6.8 mm is necessary. Important: Tapered Effect implants are placed without prior thead tapping. After preparing the implant bed with the pilot and twist drills, the tapered implant neck shape must be transferred to the bone with a TE profile drill corresponding to the implant diameter.