TITAN-G Implant

TITAN G Implants should not be placed if there is insufficient jawbone width and height to surrounding implants. Placing in the maxilla should not perforate the sinus. Lack of the availability of the bone 2mm epical and 1mm circumferential. Poor patient oral hygiene use of heavy chewing tobacco or smoking or poor bone quality and generalized diseases such as hyperthyroidism, bruxism, oral infections or malignancies or uncontrolled diabetes or blood disorders etc which causes implant failure or lack of osseointegration may occur as a result. It is advisable not to use 3.5×8.0mm size implant, since it is not designed to withstand lateral loading as a single tooth replacement, either splinted and unsplinted nor should be used with over denture attachments. Its sole use is as a pier abutment for fixed bridgework in conjunction with multiple implants. Advantages of the Bio-Coat Hydroxylapatite Coating The starting powder used by Bio-Coat is a highly pure dense powder with a tightly controlled size distribution. Powders with a large distribution of particle sizes are likely to undergo transformations to resorbable phases. The dense starting powder combined with the surface preparation and spray technology developed by Bio-Coat produces a highly dense coating (99% of theoretical density). This is important for adhesion and maintaining the optimal resistance to resorption of the coating. The liberation of plasma gun debris (copper and tungsten) is virtually eliminated by Bio- Coat’s use of internal injection systems.