Transitional Implants

Transitional Implant Considerations. Procedure: Drill a 2.0mm osteotomy to appropriate depth with Bicon’s 2.0mm pilot drill with external irrigation. Take care not to overheat the bone while drilling at ~1,100 RPM. Pilot bur is marked at 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 11.0mm and 14.0mm.* Be sure to drill to appropriate depth of intended implant to be placed or slightly beyond if the anatomy permits. Make note of the quality of bone. The Stealth and Brevis™ implants are available in 8.0mm and 12.0mm lengths. Check angulation or trajectory of osteotomy with a paralleling pin. Remove appropriate transitional implant from packaging and insert apical end of implant into osteotomy. Assemble appropriate transitional implant driver to Bicon’s 400:1 handpiece or a comparable slow speed latch-type handpiece. Slowly screw implant into the prepared osteotomy.