5 common Medit problems

Here at Medimatch we have trained hundreds of customers in the use of Medit Intra-Oral Scanners and Medit software. During this period, we have dealt with many technical issues and customer questions…

In this video, our Medit expert David will take you through 5 common technical support issues and solutions when using Medit Intra-Oral scanners.

  1. I’ve scanned the bite and the automatic occlusion has failed. What do I do?
    David will show you how to use the manual alignment tool to solve this issue.
  2. The case has been processing for ages and is stuck. What can I do?
    David will give you 2 tried and tested methods to force the processing to complete.
  3. How do I update Medit Link and Windows?
    Ensuring both are up to date are crucial for a seamless scanning experience. Learn how to update both.
  4. I Have forgotten how to pair with a lab, can you remind me?
    David will show you the partners section and instruct how to create a partnership.
  5. Can I attach a photo to the case, if so, how do you do it?
    The video will advise how to attach any file type to a case in Medit Link.

Do you have any other questions, or perhaps a different solution to the above issues?
Please let us know!